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8th February 2015

Once a month we meet in Kennington as a community and worship together.

What's been happening?

Fantastic night at the Glastone Open Mic. Lots of us together making music, reading poetry and listening to spoken word as they drank beers and met neighbours.  Massive thanks to everyone who came and everyone who performed! 1960843_1612561952291676_3827801123383476774_o 11203141_1612561812291690_3448711888069456722_n 11225744_1612561738958364_401945209462874254_n 1234339_1612561615625043_2698578342264104370_n 10407910_1612561652291706_4999654318589355654_n 11147146_1612561675625037_4011656882400507346_n 11219478_1612561905625014_6372851544344941123_o 11251049_1612561965625008_5734648657482703039_n 11265589_1612561725625032_5643018826180217511_n

Sometimes church can feel separate from what we do 9-5 but we believe Jesus is in the day to day nitty-gritty of our lives and wants to be a part of it all. We love coming together to be family and we love the places we live, work and play.

So each week in April we’ll be supporting each other where ever we spend most of our time and finding ways to bless it and celebrate the ordinary.

Tuesday 9 March we’ll be praying for the Fashion Industry.  Meet us at St Martin’s in the Field’s Crypt at 7:15pm.